Air Conditioning Canberra
Airconditioning Canberra

Commercial Industrial Air Conditioning Canberra

Astor Air Conditioning Canberra specialises in commercial and industrial air condition installation, maintenance and repairs throughout Canberra, Queanbeyan and Surrounding NSW.

  • Mechanical Maintenance of all HVAC equipment
  • Vibration analysis on a monthly base
  • Oil sampling and analysis
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Saving energy saving your money

24/7 On call 

  • Technicians will be available for emergency repair work any time, day or night

Chiller Compressors

  • Compressor rebuilds
  • Shell and tube chemical cleaning
  • Re-tubing of shell ant tube
  • Repair to dome water boxes
  • Refrigerant system flushing

Cooling towers wet and dry

  • Removal and replacement of fill
  • Replacement of fill supports
  • Removal and replace fan blades
  • Replacement of fan motor
  • Control via VSD winter & summer

Water circulating pumps

  • Complete rebuild on site
  • Alignment
  • Replacement of motor
  • Replacement of mechanical seals
  • Pump efficiency test
commercial air handling unit 

Air Handling Units

  • Installations
  • Filter change
  • Coil change
  • Fan and motor change
  • Upgrading heating coil
  • Efficiency testing

Air Balancing and commissioning of complete Mechanical installations


  • Air flow measurement and balancing
  • Recording and documentation on commissioning drawings air flows and temperatures.

Commercial Fit out’s

  • NBN Upgrade

Light commercial projects

  • Chiller plant replacements and upgrades
  • Duct installations, fan coil units, grills and diffusers
  • Turn Key hand-over of complete plant room retrofits
  • Chiller replacement
  • Pump & hydraulic replacement
  • Electrical switch board and controls replacement