Air Conditioning Canberra
Airconditioning Canberra
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Commercial Air Conditioning Canberra

Our Company

Astor Air-conditioning is a Canberra-based company with a diverse service ability, servicing customers in Canberra and Region

Our Business

Astor air-conditioning specialize in Mechanical Air Conditioning; fit outs of new tenancy’s, Mechanical upgrades of HVAC plant and maintaining mechanical equipment.  By analysing a Building’s performance to operate at the highest efficiencies possible.  

Light Commercial projects,

Refurbishment of chiller plant rooms and air handling units to improve the system efficiencies.

commercial air conditioning canberraOur History

Astor Air-conditioning was registered in January 2011 by Johan Esterhuizen. Johan is South African born and is now permanently residing in Australia. Johan has 20 years’ experience in a diverse range of air-conditioning applications. From the large 3.5 MW mining chiller applications to rooftop units on the local supermarkets. In Johan’s 20 years’ experience in air-conditioning, the last 7 years was managing his own business in South Africa. Carleton Fridgelec PTY LTD had 28 staff members and serviced the chicken, wine, mining and commercial sectors, mechanical repairs and mechanical installation in new and existing buildings. Johan is also a member of the Australian Institute of Managers.

Our Community focus

Astor Air-conditioning will be committed to share all knowledge in Apprenticeship training, to expand our business into the community to create work opportunities for the community

Our People

Astor Air-conditioning cherish the people in its employment; our employees are our best asset.


Astor Air-conditioning vision is to make a significant difference in reducing carbon emissions and saving energy in the air-conditioning sector by ensuring each air-conditioning plant is running at optimum performance


We are in the business of servicing the air-conditioning sector to create a peace of mind, cost effective and high quality preventative maintenance package.